Celebrate your special occasion at Essentials

Bachelorette Parties, Birthdays, Anniversaries and more,  enjoy indulgent pampering.  Pick a package from our menu or customize something to suite.  Enjoy Champagne toasts and light fare while your nail tech massages your toes.  We can make your special occasion unforgettable!

Group Events

Essentials can accommodate large groups and Parties of up to 30 people with advance booking, entire facility exclusively available.  We accommodate smaller parties (8 people or more enjoying packages, catering or enjoying our light fare)  in the smaller lobby set up exclusively for your group food & beverage & relaxation between services.  We have 16 treatment rooms, 2 manicure stations & 4 pedi chairs to accommodate and a large lobby as well as a small one which can be partitioned off for smaller groups.  Usually done in 3 hour blocks, to privately book the entire facility we need a minimum of $300 per hour average in services with 25% down on the day we book the entire spa.  This card needs to be available at event to refund on if individuals are paying for themselves, or the card owner can be called and refunded in this manner, but it must be same card.  Please set up whether  light fare or catering a minimum of 3 days prior to event.  We also need a list of all participants receiving spa services 3 days in advance, along with what services they wish to receive.  Everyone will receive text reminders for their scheduled services the day before.  Please arrive 15 minutes prior to appointments.

The participant information name and service information can be emailed ; send  to info@essentialsmassageofbaymeadows.com

Please send 1.) first and last name 2.) cell phone number and cell service provider so they can receive text reminder 3.) what services they wish to receive.

Light Fare-from Publix set up by spa staff

Light Fare-provided by Essentials and included in our packages consists of Publix Cheese and Crackers, a Fruit, Pepperoni & Salami followed delightfully by a mini sweet such as Chocolate Covered Strawberries or  Fancy Chocolates. Wine, Champagne, or sparkling Grape Juice for our under 21 and who do not partake or hot tea and water always available of course as per  your preference. $9.99 per person.

Catering-By Emelio

Emelio provides excellent self catering ( Brought to our location set out without a server) for 10 or more people starting at $8.00 per person.  Lunch or dinner includes tortellini salad, spinach lasagna and medium dark chocolate sea salt pistachio bark with iced tea & Rosemary cucumber infused water.  Add a Boars Head meat and cheese tray far an additional  $2 per person.  You may bring your own wine or Champagne as Emellio doesn’t cater alcohol.

When catering book spa services individually instead of packages since those include light fare.

Self catering

Do you make the best food in town?   You can bring your own set up! Appetizers work best. We have a couple of  small tables available if you bring the fare, plates, plastic ware, specialty drinks or favorite wine etc.  We always have water and hot tea in our lobby.

Once again, if self catering book services individually instead of a package that includes fare.